Their burn times are
20 min  -  40 min  -  1 hr  -  2 hrs
Custom Sizes are available on request.
Welcome to Here you can buy my handmade beeswax taper candles. These candles were made for people to burn during their meditations.

They have specific burn times so you don't have to rely on a clock or alarm to know how long it has been since you lit the candle.

Other great uses are: yoga, birthday candles(hypo-allergenic), or for anyone who enjoys burning candles.
These sizes are currently available for purchase:
The candles are handmade with pure beeswax from a local beekeeper and 100% cotton wick.

My family has been making natural products for 30 years in the Oregon Coast Range. I am continuing the tradition with these candles.
Ocean rocks with candle size holes available in limited quantities. Found on the oregon coast.
4oz blocks of beeswax are available for $2
Meditation Candles .net
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